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A Good Doormat gives a lasting First Impression


Subject : A Good Doormat gives a lasting First Impression.
Description : A Good Doormat gives a lasting First Impression.

Do you remember an establishment where you entered stepping on a beautiful well kept clean and efficient door mat. You must have enjoyed moving into the establishment. Now recall a place you visited where there was a soiled, worn out and in effective door mat. Just recall how you felt. Now you again recall a place there was no door mat at all.

In all the three places your experience would have been totally different. I hope you must have really enjoyed a place where you entered which was having a beautiful and elegant Door Mat.

As per Indian Vastu Science, Door Mat is the main reception and dwarpal of any establishment. The duty of this dwarpal is to stop the evils (dirt and negative energy) outside. In turn, this dwarpal the door mat gives a very warm, affectionate and friendly welcome to all visitors.

Door Mat is a very useful accessory to any commercial or residential establishment.
There are various type of Door Mat available. Some are useful and some are useless. For a better idea and understanding we are listing both types of door mats.

Useless Door Mats:

  1. Metal Wire Door mats.
  2. Rubber Door Mats with holes.
  3. Coir Door Mats.
  4. Jute Door Mats.

Useful Door Mats:

  1. Bristle Door Mats. (Turf type look).
  2. PVC Cushion Door Mats.
  3. PVC Wipe type door mats .

Metal Wire Door Mat:

This door mat is made of Metal wire in honey comb type texture and design. The door mat can partly remove dry sand type dirt but any dirt sticked to the sleeper cannot be removed by this wire door mat. The sand removed then can make the area ugly and dirty as the door mat can not hold and hide the dirt. 

Rubber Door Mats with holes:

This door mat which gives a look of a door mat but hardly removes any dirt. 
Coir Door Mats:

Coir door mats are very popular in India and is a natural product. The advantage of coir door mat is that it is a natural product and is bio degradable. The coir mat is a complete failure in rainy season or in wet areas. 

Jute Door Mats:

The jute door mats has the same advantages and disadvantages of the coir door mats. 
In place of these conventional door mats there are many other options. Ofcourse, the inherent disadvantage of these door mats are that they are synthetic products, but they do their work very very efficiently. The Turf type door mat, the cushion and the wipe type door mats are the exclusive and most efficient type of door mat.

Useful Door Mats:

  1. Bristle Door Mats. (Turf type look).
  2. PVC Cushion Door Mats.
  3. PVC Wipe type door mats .

Bristle Door Mat (Turf type look):

This door mat is very useful for main door and enterances. The bristle turf look door mat is the rough and rugged door mat which keep the dirt out and out of site. This type of door mat is very easy to maintain. Just shake it out or wash it. If you keep the door mat clean it can work for you for a longer time. The door mat is available to match any interiors. These door mats can also be used as Artificial Grass also.

PVC Cushion Mat:

This door mat is a soft and elegant door mat. This door mat is the expert in cleaning all feet that steps on it. The door mat is available in all colours to match any interiors. 
PVC Wipe Door Mat:

This is the latest type of door mat or mat which capable of removing wetness from the feet. This mat is very good for any walkway, drive way, airports etc. The durowipe door mat is the rough and rugged door mat which has a wide use. The advantage of this door mat is that this door mat dos not hold the water. Hence, door mat can be used in places where there is problem of wetness. The duro wipe door mat keeps the dirt out, out of site and inside the mat.

Should you require any additional information regarding the door mat or free advise about which door mat will suit your place. Please feel free to call us on write to us.

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