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PVC Armstrong ESD Conductive Flooring

Product Code: Armstrong ESD
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ESD/Conductive Flooring.

This product is from Armstrong World Industires.  The product is known as Royal LG.  

This is a a technical flooring used in various application where anti static properties are required.  As people walk across floors they build static electricity.  In places where very sensetive electronic equipments are used this type of flooring is compulsoryly required.  This floor removes the static electricity from a person's body is done by providing a floor that allows a body charge dissipate through the flooring material to ground.

This product contains carbon and graphite particles with are good conductors of electricity.  This electricity from carbon and graphite particles is grounded to earth with th help of foil backing and copper strip.

For laying this floor the sub floor must be strong, clean, dry and smooth.

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