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PVC Flooring Heavy Duty

Product Code: PVC Flooring Heavy Duty
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PVC Vinyl Flooring is a very wonderful product in flooring. These floorings are available in Light Duty to extreme heavy duty performance. The vinyl floors are very easy to install, remove and redo. The vinyl floor comes in different quality specifications. The “T” Group Vinyl is the best and heavy duty vinyl floor which can be installed in any rough and rugged used area like Airports. The Vinyl Floor has the uniqueness of being Anti Static, Conductive, Anti Microbial etc. These Anti Static, Conductive and Anti Microbial Floorings are used in hospitals and hospitality industries. In residential range has a wide range of designs, colours and effects. Vinyl Floorings are available for any type of uses and applications. The Vinyl Floor comes in rolls and tiles form.

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