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Shree Anupamam
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Flooring-Different options- Hard Flooring vs Soft Flooring.


Subject : Flooring-Different options- Hard Flooring vs Soft Flooring.
Description : Flooring- Different options available.

Hard Flooring vs Soft Flooring.

Having a nice floor is a very important aspect in any interior project, home or office.  The flooring plays a major role in any place where humans live.  The first thing the person feels is the floor.  Here we will be discussing the different available option in flooring.

Floorings can be roughly divided into two segments:

a) Hard Flooring
b) Soft Flooring
Hard Flooring
Hard Flooring is the normal floor made of cement or different stone and tile items like Vitrified Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Marbles, Granite, Mosaic Tiles etc.  The hard floors are the floors which take more time to be installed and once installed cannot be easily removed.  These floors are strongly recommended in heavy traffic area and places of rough and rugged use.  These floors are easy to maintain and has very long wear life.
Generally, hard floors are installed using cement, mortars which take lot of time and needs curing time for the flooring to settle down and get fixed to the base floor.  More the curing firmer the flooring.  The Good News is that now there are premixed, prepared ready to use adhesives available which are more useful, convenient to use to install these types of hard floors.  These ready to use adhesive type chemicals are very useful if you want to save on time and get better results in your hard floor.  As I am not the expert in Hard Flooring I may not be able to give your more details in this.  Even then if you need any more details please leave a mail and I will try to reply on the matter after discussing with my colleagues and masters in the field.
Soft Flooring
As I am more related to the field of soft flooring, I will give you maximum possible information about the soft flooring segment.  Now we will briefly enumerate the different types of soft flooring presently available in the Indian Market.
a) PVC Flooring,
b) Carpet – Wall to Wall
c) Wooden Flooring
Soft Flooring as it is called is a secondary floor to any type of hard floor.  The advantage of the soft flooring is that Soft Flooring can be easily fitted on any floor instantly.  The soft flooring can give the floor a new look within a day.  This is to some extent not possible in Hard Floor.  The soft floor can be easily installed and easily removed.  The options available in Soft Flooring are very wide as far as the colors and designs are concerned.