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Flooring-Different options- PVC Flooring


Subject : Flooring-Different options- PVC Flooring
Description : Now let us see in details the options in Soft Flooring:
PVC Flooring
PVC Flooring is the most basic and rough and tough type of Soft Flooring.  These floorings are water resistant, rough & tough, easy to install, easy to care & maintain and has a very wide range of colors and designs.  PVC flooring is available from a price tag of as low as Rs. 15.00 per sq.ft. as high as Rs. 200.00 per sq.ft. installed at your site.  Less the price of the flooring – lesser the thickness.  More the price of the flooring – more the thickness.  In addition to this the content and design of the flooring also influence the price of the PVC Flooring.
The PVC Vinyl Flooring presently available in the market are – Plain type shades, Wooden type shades, Vibrant and Unique & Different Shades.  The leading brands in this segment are Armstrong, LG, Hanwa, Royal House, Krishna Vinyl, Premier Poly etc.  In addition to this many imported brands are also now available in the market.  The Vinyl Flooring is available in Roll Form & in Tile Form.  You can play with the designs and patterns in vinyl flooring in both rolls and tiles, but in tiles it is much easier to make different designs.