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Flooring- Wall to Wall Carpet – Part 1


Subject : Flooring- Wall to Wall Carpet – Part 1
Description : Flooring- Wall to Wall Carpet – Part 1

In the soft flooring range a very important option is the Wall to Wall Carpet.  Wall to Wall Carpet means the carpet that is permanently fixed on the floor from one wall to wall.  In other words it covers the entire room or a part of the room by permanently fixing the carpet on the floor with the help of some fixing agent – adhesive.  The carpet once fixed on the floor remains there for a long period till the user does not wish to remove it.

The price range of Wall to Wall Carpet ranges between Rs. 15.00 per sq.ft. to Rs. 100.00 per sq.ft.  With the entry of wide range of carpet from all over the world in Indian Market the option and range has gone beyond Rs. 200 to Rs. 300 per sq.ft.

Carpet Tiles

Recently in the corporate world demand for "Carpet Tile" has gradually increased.  This is a totally new concept.  The roll from of the carpet has been converted into tiles with a very firm rubber type backing in each tile of the carpet.  The advantage of the Carpet Tile is that in case of any damage on the carpet flooring you do not need to repair or replace the entire carpet instead you can just remove the damaged carpet tile/s and replace it with a fresh one.  The price range of Carpet Tile is between Rs. 150.00 to Rs. 300.00 per sq.ft.

Non Woven Carpet

Non Woven Carpet is made of Polypropylene fiber mixed with many other natural and synthetic fibers.  This is the most common, rough and rugged form of carpet.  This is also the most economical wall to wall carpet.  The non branded range you can get at a mere price of Rs. 15.00 per sq.ft. Installed at your site. (Wastage during installation is always to the customer's end).  If you opt for some reputed brand the price range may go slightly above Rs. 20.00 per sq.ft., this too installed at your site.  The beauty of this non woven carpet is that you have many color options to match your interiors.  The non woven carpets are very easy to maintain and is washable.  Lately these carpets have got a very good demand in the toughest market segment of Tent Houses.  You must have seen the widely layed green or red carpet in many public gathering occasions like marriages, exhibitions, conferences.  The non woven carpet can be layed anywhere you want.