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Shree Anupamam
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Flooring Wall to Wall Carpet- Part II

Subject :
         Flooring Wall to Wall Carpet- Part II

Description :
        Flooring Wall to Wall Carpet- Part II

Variety of Wall To Wall Carpets:
Loop Pile Synthetic Carpets: 
         There are many more options available in wall to wall carpets.  The latest trend is of the loop pile wall to wall carpet.  The term loop pile explains itself.  The body of the carpet is made of textile/fibre which are woven in loop form.  The entire carpet is covered in evenly woven loops.  As the carpet is woven in loop form the life and strength of the carpet is very good.  Also these loop pile carpets look very beautiful.  The beauty is further added when we have a variety of colour options alongwith many more designs and weaving combinations.  Some of the leading popular brands in this field are Unitex, Status, Bajaj etc.

Cut Pile Luxury Carpet: 
           The cut pile luxury carpet has a softer feel in comparision to the loop pile carpet.  The pile (thickness of the carpet) is normally more than the loop pile carpet in Cut pile carpet.  The cut pile carpet are more cozy, soft and delicate.  Presently these carpets are slightly out of trend.  But the beauty of these traditional looking cut pile carpet is evergreen.  Those who love carpet will always look for these cut pile carpet only.

In addition to these carpet, there are a wide range of very elite class of carpet which are very thin in pile but claims to be very rough and rugged and has very beautiful designs and colours.  Flotex carpet has the uniqueness of being very thin in pile but of being quite rough and rugged.  The manufacturer recommends these carpet to be installed in heavy traffic areas like banquets etc.
The carpet in itself is a creative product.  Hence, it is not at all possible for me to give details of the entire variety of carpets available in the market.  There may be many more type of carpets available which I am sure are not in my knowledge.  I invite my readers to give me the details of any type of carpet which they may be knowing about.  The details will be included in our next article.