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How to Maintain Vertical Blinds


Subject : How to Maintain Vertical Blinds
Description : Vertical Blinds Maintenance.

Vertical Blinds are a very common window covering these days.  They are very user friendly and reasonably priced and a perfect window furnishing for any commercial or residential use.  The only issue is the maintenance of the Vertical Blinds.  Like anything else, even you wife or husband needs maintenance so also the Vertical Blinds needs maintenance to give good service for a long time.  Please note the following points while using a vertical blind:

Be Gentle:

If you have a tendency of opening or closing the blinds very fast and roughly, please stop.  The vertical blinds are operated by a gear attached with the operating cord.  If you open and close the blinds very fast you may damage your operating gear.  So please close, open and slide the vertical blinds gently, smoothly and with ease.

Know your Blind:

Your blind has louvers with are interconnected and moves with the gear in one single operation.  All the louvers will operate all along.  Do not try to stop one or few louvers from operating, this may damage the spacers (which gives equal space to all louvers), hangers (which hangs the fabric to the blind channel) and runner (the mechanism which holds the fabric and helps on turning , twisting and moving the fabric. 

The fabric has individual fabric weights to keep the fabric firm and straight.  Do not ignore these weights as they are very important in holding your blinds and its bottom chain.  If any of the weight comes out during use, please put it back in its place.  Also take care of the connecting chain which connects one fabric with the other.  If any of the chain comes out, please put it in place immediately to avoid any further damage.

Keep it clean:

Please clean you blinds regularly with some feather duster, cloth or mild wet sponge.  If you maintain your blinds the blinds will give your very good service year after year.

It is very easy to clean and maintain the blinds any one can do it with some knowledge.  If you do not want to do it yourself please call an expert to do it.  If you do not find one you can call SHREE ANUPAMAM at 0141 2221544, 2742876 or 9414067301.