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What is a “Laminate Wooden Flooring”.


Subject : What is a "Laminate Wooden Flooring".
Description : What is a "Laminate Wooden Flooring".

Wood has always been a product of attraction to man since olden times.  Even after so many years of so called civilisation wood is the most popular and preferred product of the mankind.  Laminate Wooden Flooring is the cheaper substitute for hardwood.  It has become extremely popular in commercial as well as household applications.

Laminate wooden flooring is a soft flooring which looks like a hard wood wooden flooring but actually is not a real hardwood flooring.  As the name says it is a Laminate Wooden Flooring.  The laminate wooden flooring is made up of layers of fibreboard, paper and melamine and the protective layer.  To be exactly precise laminate wooden flooring from the bottom consists of following layers:

  1. Protective/balancing/stabilising layer at the bottom of the flooring tile.
  2. High Density fiber board also called HDF.  Hdf consists of the major mass of the wooden flooring tile.
  3. Kraft sheet on the top of the fiber board.
  4. Decorative sheet is the sheet which gives wooden flooring the design or the print.  This is the aesthetic and design value of the wooden flooring.
  5. Sealent which may consist of the hot wax, oil, emulsion etc are used which protects the HDF against moisture and also works as adhesion agent to the decorative sheet and the HDF.
  6. Wear Layer is the top layer of the wooden flooring which protects the decorative sheet from scuffs, stains and fading.

Even after Laminate wooden flooring being so popular and useful there are few points of caution for the user.
The Laminate Wooden Flooring has a wide range of products and quality difference in itself.  The quality classification of wooden flooring are based on their Abrasion Cycles (AC).  Thus the quality of the Laminate Wooden Flooring is divided into various grades like AC2, AC3, AC4, AC5 etc.  Here AC2 being the light quality and AC5 being the heavier quality.
The medium quality of AC3 is good for household and light use and AC4 and AC5 are good for commercial and heavy uses.
The laminate wooden flooring is a HDF Board product hence has the tendency of expanding and contracting.  Thus it is suggested that before laying the wooden flooring should be allowed to adjust to the room temperature by expanding and contracting  and then stabilising a the room temperature.   A period of approx 24 hrs or more is recommended for allowing the tiles to acclimatise to the environment of the room.  In India due to extreme temperature other precautions are also required to be taken while using the Laminate Wooden Flooring.
Laminate Wooden Flooring should be installed keeping in mind that the water or moisture will remain away from the Laminate Wooden Flooring.  The main enemy of the Laminate Wooden Flooring is the water or the moisture.  The moisture can kill the Laminate Wooden Flooring.
If the flooring is being installed at the ground floor is strongly recommended to put a layer of polythene under the tiles to block the moisture from directly coming in contact with the tiles.  First put a layer of polythene overlapping one another and then put a layer of minimum/maximum 2 mm profeel over the polythene.  Do not overlap the profeel/foam and they may increase the thickness and make the base uneven.  While installing the tile you need to leave approx 1 inch to 1.2 inch gap at the ends.  This is required to allow expansion and contraction of wooden tile due to weather change.  The gap left should be covered with a beeding, end edge or skirting as per the scope of the site.
Dos and donts of Laminate Wooden Flooring.

  1. The Laminate Wooden Tile should not be cleaned using water, wax, detergents, abrasives and should be very lightly cleaned.
  2. Water should not be allowed to stand on the floor.  In case of spillage of any liquid or water, dry wipe the water immediately.
  3. Never wet mop the laminate wooden floor the water from the wet mop may seep from the joints thus damaging the tile.


  1. Use door mats and rugs on the main entrances to protect the tiles from protecting the tiles from dirt and hard dust which can cause scratches and damage the tiles.  The door mats will protect the floor from unnecessary wear and tear.
  2. Place  rugs, carpets, center pieces on high traffic area to protect the tile from unnecessary wear and tear.
  3. Do not drag heavy furniture and other heavy items on the wooden floor.
  4. Put pad protectors under the furniture or other equipments.
  5. Wipe up any liquid spills immediately.

Wooden Laminate Flooring is a very user friendly product if used properly and intelligently.  There is not minus point in the product only error is the way you use the product or select the wrong grade of flooring.  
Select the correct grade of the flooring and use the Laminate Wooden Flooring and it will serve you for years and years.  Many companies give warranty of more than 10 to 25 years for their products.
Enjoy your wooden flooring....
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